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About us

Textra ru LLC (formerly known as Textra trade LLC) is on the market since as early as 2011. The core business of our company is the wholesale and small-scale wholesale of sewing accessories and applied materials for the sewing industry. The core team of our Company includes the employees with vast experience in this area.

We mainly supply products manufactured under our trademark TEXTRA at the factories in China. These are the products such as nonwoven interlining, woven interlining, lining fabrics (190T, knitted, PV), sewing threads, zipper, pocket fabric, ribbons with thread, hot melt adhesive web (tapes), hot melt adhesive net with paper (tapes).

Modern equipment, the newest technologies and continuous monitoring of the production process enable us to produce products with very high quality. Quality is one of the components of successful business of our Company.

Our specialists closely follow the latest trends in fashion, continuously consider the needs of our customers that enables us to constantly update and expand the range of our products as well as replenish them in the required quantities.

Today our company can meet the needs of both small sewing enterprise and large factory.

Our sales managers are always ready to advise the customers on the products they are interested in as well as select and form a custom order. Attentive customer service is the main feature of our business. We offer the special quotations and flexible discount system for our large wholesale and regular customers.

As we are the tier 1 supplier, our pricing policy also enables us to make good offers to the trading companies that sell similar products.

You can always find out on our website more about our available products and planned new arrivals.

The main advantages of our Company are high quality, a wide range of products on offer, reasonable prices and attentive customer service.